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The links below are to sets of photographs. This link will take you to photo essays with sounds and music.
First Light in the Golden Rollin' Hills   An early outing in the crispy hills of Cool.
Bud's LaSalle   Morning light on a La Salle automobile from the 1930's, I love the way time has had its way with the metal and paint.
From Cool to Coloma   My May 2015 show at Art On the Divide Gallery in Georgetown, California. Good advice to photographers is to focus on things they know well, and places close to home. These photos do just that, being taken in areas I frequent often on and off of Highway 49 between the towns of Cool and Coloma in Northern California.

Raucous Railcars


Like many photographers, I'm attracted to works of man that have been "gentled" by time, i.e., weathered barns, rusted vehicles, peeling paint, etc. Here we have some fun with the many tons of vintage railroad equipment exposed to sun and snow. These images are heavily and unabashedly post-processed by pumping up the color in Lightroom, using Photomatix for an exaggerated HDR look, followed by posterization in Photoshop CS5. The resulting exaggerated textures feels appropriate to the subject, plus it is just darn fun to do, and I think fun to look at.

Black & White and Brick & Wood   As a young geologist I carried a Ricoh twin lens reflex in my 4X4 as i bumped around Central Nevada mapping springs. The desert landscape and especially the textures of weathered remnants of mining and ranching activities fanned the embers of my love of photography which has been burning ever since.