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Caboose HDR Western Pacific Railroad Museum

Western Pacific Railroad Museum, Portola, California

Like many photographers, I'm attracted to works of man that have been "gentled" by time, i.e., weathered barns, rusted vehicles, peeling paint, etc. Here we have some fun with the many tons of vintage railroad equipment exposed to sun and snow. These images are heavily and unabashedly post-processed by pumping up the color in Lightroom, using Photomatix for an exaggerated HDR look, followed by posterization in Photoshop CS5. The resulting exaggerated textures feels appropriate to the subject, plus it is just darn fun to do, and I think fun to look at.

Cronan Ranch, Pilot Hill

Cronan Ranch, Pilot Hill, California

My first excursions into these hills bordering the South Fork of the American River

Olmstead Loop

Olmstead Area, Cool, California

Following the seasons through the rolling oak woodlands of the lower foothills of the Sierra Nevada.

Mexico I

An 8-day tour in the state of Oaxaca (Wah-HA-kah), Mexico, with TraditionsMexico. October and November 2004

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Mexico II

The Pacific Coast of the State of Oaxaca, October 2004

Mexico III - The Walls of Oaxaca

Early one morning on one of the last days of our stay in Oaxaca City I took myself for a walk through an old neigborhood northeast of Templo San Domingo known as Jalatlaco. The twisting, cobblestoned lanes made for some good opportunities, but I also had fun with the colors and textures of the weathered walls.

Link to Central Nevada Black and Whites Central Nevada Black and Whites - 1960's
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A celebration of a few of the creatures with whom we share this planet.

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Sierra City and Lakes Basin

A visit to this beautiful region with a new digital single lens reflex - a Fuji S2 - on Labor Day weekend, 2003.

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East Side Weekend - Bishop and June Lake Loop

This was a wonderful, jump-at-the-opportunity, hook-up-the-trailer and go kind of weekend. We were enthralled by the open beauty of this unique landscape where desert meets mountains at the edge of the Great Basin.

Link to Mountain Light Workshop Gallery

Mountain Light Gallery Workshop - Owens Valley

When fall color overlays the already gorgeous eastside country, the setting is perfect for a photographic workshop. It was a fantastic opportunity to work with the professional nature photographer Pat O'Hara, meet other photographers sharing my passion, and to be guided to some fine photographic opportunities. October 2 through 5, 2003.