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hy photograph? If you dink around with photography you have to ask that question of yourself now and then. For me, sharing images is a way of celebrating things I care about, which happen pretty much to be the natural world and its creatures. But I do cherish the occassional fine image that results when I overcome my reticence to intrude on an actual human being with my camera.

I like natural light. Nothing gets my photographic juices going better than a fine slant of light on an interesting subject. That's when I'll break off a conversation in mid-sentence, my eyes glaze over, and I dash off with my camera.

But the best part of the celebration is sharing the images that result, and opening conversations about the techniques I have learned along the way.

The images you will find, of course, in the Galleries section. The conversations are begun with the Blog. And of course, since I do on occassion need to collect the cash needed for a new lens or whatever, please don't hesitate to visit the section of Print Sales, where you will find that I really do share my images very reasonably.

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hanging photos at Art On the Divide Gallery

From Cool to Coloma ... an Exhibit at Art On the Divide Gallery in Georgetown, California

As resident of Cool, in Northern California, for over 25 years, I've focused this show on places I know well – the hills around Cool, and the historic town of Coloma and the surrrounding Gold Discovery State Park. The result is a varied collection of images that range from wildlife and rolling, oak-studded hills, to those that capture a rich sense of history and passage of time. 
As a groundwater geologist working to clean up contaminated groundwater, and generally favoring a good ramble to spending a day in the office, I have a strong feeling of empathy for the natural world and its creatures. As one who has spent many years teaching photography, my first advice to his students has always been to photograph what you care deeply about.


A Nice Little Gallery ...

I've been welcomed into the fold of the Art on the Divide Cooperative Gallery in Georgetown, California. Besides photography, this fine group of artists works in watercolor, oils, sculpture, ceramics and jewelry. Each month another of the artists is featured, works are rearranged, and many of us bring up new work to be hung. The resulting refreshing of the exhibit is a good excuse to visit often. We're located in a historic building right on the main street of this old gold mining town.

AODC Gallery